Visa for elective residency in Italy.

The easiest and quickest way of obtaining the visa of Schengen type for business in Europe.

In September 2013, also Italy has launched an attractive program for investment called ”Destinazione Italia” (trans. Italian destination) presented by the Letta Government, in which there is a chapter dedicated to ”visas as an instrument of attraction”. The visa for elective residency in Italy is an mechanism directly offered by the European legal system which references also to the visa of the Schengen type. The same European system asks the member states to make extensive use of this mechanism in order to attract investments and investors into our beautiful country. 

Through an abroad household purchase many investors outside of the Schengen area are looking for a Plan B to realize their projects or for personal reasons – from education for their children abroad to the possibility of constructing a springboard for their own business activity in Europe. Italy, for its good quality of and particular lifestyle, remains still among the most popular destinations in Europe. On top of that, if one buys a household for habitual purposes in Italy the Italian tax authority will facilitate the foreign investor by applying a flat tax with ”minimum economic requirement” stabilized by the Italian law (31.000 euro/per year). 

Start-up makes available a privileged service for its investors which intend on carrying out a real-estate investment in Italy. In the case of immigration through investment, Starter-Up assists the interested investors with obtaining a national visa for elective residency or the long-term, multi-entry Schengen visa in a short period of time. That is if the investor is not interested in purchasing the Italian citizenship.

With the above visa it will also be possible to gain a permanent residency permit which allows the entitled to profit from a substantial equality in treatment compared to the one of EU member states citizens. 

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