Starter-Up will carry out active research for the maximum period of 12 months in regards to the funding you’ve requested. The research will look at V.C. – Private and institutional investors, community announcements, Business Angels – members of the trade associations (networks)  

Upon the subscription to the international mandate with representation and the validation of the project’s validity (which is based and created on a case-by-case basis looking at the presentation of the work developed and organized by our specialized consultants, in accordance with the entrepreneur’s initiative and the development of the evaluation procedure) our system will act as a communicative medium between the entrepreneur in search of funding, the investors and financial institutions (such as, private banks, venture capital companies, etc.). 

In full knowledge of the direct interests we also calculate the possibility to carry out brief operative tests in order to demonstrate the validity of the initiative to our investors, or, to carry out certain changes to the project to align it with the financial offer that is available at that moment. 

In the same way, in regards to innovation and entrepreneurship, we will also measure the possibility of access to various means of help as provided by the State Law. This will be achieved through the submission of the project to the Assessment Commissions established for this purpose or by answering Community Announcements. 

  • International mandate with representation; 

  • International Non-Disclosure Agreement ;

  • Comparison of offer and request;

  • Active research (over 12 months) of private and institutional investors in regards to the funding request placed (corporate advantage over competition, market place and the sector of reference, ideal and potential clients);

  • Daily, real-time updates on the research results for investors for your project;

  • Analytical feedback on the results at the end of research;

  • Organization of your Forum of potential investors (invitations will be send to the potential investors of your project);

  • Investment forum: contact between entrepreneur and investor;

Cost € 900*

*Fixed payment of E900 + % acquired from the funding provided (see table below)

Financing amount Starter-up commission
Up to 500,000 EUR 3%
From 500,001 to 1,000,000 EUR 2,5%
From 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 EUR 2%
Above 5,000,000 EUR 1,5%

Starter-up reserves the right to apply a commission based on the above-mentioned table as soon as the funding has been received.