These general terms and conditions (“GTC”) apply to the web service called “starter-up” on the domain

1. General conditions

Welcome to the web service of the company BRS Investimenti srl. Andress: Bologna, via Guglielmo Oberdan 11. VAT 03258360795 – LEI code : 8156007E99A8046A5807 – share capital of € 103,000.00.

We provide a platform for entrepreneurs to meet sophisticated investors and potential employees.

The company is the owner and manages the platform, through which it provides services for a fee and free for the search for funds, loans, equity investments, incentives for entrepreneurs looking for money to start their business . However, the purchase of the service does not guarantee the secure procurement of the funds at risk.

Users of this website can purchase some packages of services in order to present their projects to the world of finance (investors) to find the various funds necessary for the development of the project. The company that owns the service acts as an intermediary and does not guarantee the procurement of the requested funds.

This Agreement sets forth the terms under which Businesses interact with Investors through our platform.

ENTREPRENEURS: The entrepreneur gives us an international mandate with representation with which we will actively seek the loans you have requested to launch your business plan for a maximum period of 12 months from the signing of the contract. We provide you with an NDA agreement with which you will block the news that you intend to keep confidential during the negotiations with the investors that we will contact for you.

INVESTORS: By virtue of the mandate with representation we will contact sophisticated investors with personal or professional experience suitable to evaluate the long-term commercial prospects of the companies in the initial phase. Investors will be aware of the risk of investing in early-stage companies, including the high probability of loss and the long period of illiquidity.

The Site is not directed to any person in jurisdictions where (due to its nationality, residence or other) the publication or availability of the Site is prohibited. Persons to whom these prohibitions apply must not access the Site.

2. Agreement stipulation

The agreement is deemed to be concluded with the acceptance by the customer of the offer of the company concerning the provision of services, the purchase of products or the granting of licenses.

The agreement is also deemed to be concluded when the customer makes use of services offered by the company, respectively when using products or company licenses.


Unless otherwise specified in the specific offer, prices are expressed in euros (EUR). All prices are expressed gross of any value added tax (VAT).

The company reserves the right to change prices at any time. The prices applicable to the individual contract are those indicated on the website at the time of conclusion of the contract or according to a separate price list of the company. The prices valid at the time the contract is concluded are valid for the customer.


To the customer is required to pay the amount indicated on the invoice received within a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the invoice. Payment by credit card, paypal or other payment method already made at the time of ordering is reserved. If the amount indicated on the invoice is not paid to the company within the aforementioned payment term, the customer receives a payment request. If the payment of the amount indicated in the invoice does not occur even within this period, the customer is automatically constituted in default. The customer will have to pay default interest of 5% from the date on which he is in default.

The company reserves the right to request advance payment at any time and without having to provide reasons.

The customer can not compensate the amount indicated on the invoice with any credits for his benefit against the company.

The company reserves the right to refuse performance, supply of products or licensing in the event of late payment.

5. Duties of the company

5.1. Performance fulfillment

Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the company fulfills its duties through the provision of the agreed services. The services that the company is obliged to provide correspond to the services that are, respectively, published online at the time of the conclusion of the contract.

Most of the services offered by the company are performed online. The place of performance of the other services is the registered office of the company. Any explicit explicit provisions are reserved.

5.2. Auxiliary people

The parties are expressly authorized to entrust the fulfillment of an obligation or the exercise of a right deriving from their legal relationship to an auxiliary person.

However, each of them must personally ensure that recourse to the auxiliary person is carried out in compliance with the mandatory legal provisions and with the provisions of any collective agreements.

6. License

6.1. Use

The company grants its customers the right to use the documents of the respective model set. The right of use enjoyed by the customer is: non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited to use by the customer. The individual documents are models and must be used by the customer only as models and only for their own purposes. Transmission to third parties as well as any other use, whether commercial or otherwise, is prohibited.

6.2. Change of format

Some documents are written in a specific format that limits the customer’s right to use. This corresponds to the company’s will and therefore the customer is not authorized to change this format.

6.3. Limitation over time

The content of the ordered model set remains available to the customer for a specified period of time. At the end of this period, the customer no longer has any rights over the contents of the model set.

7. Customer’s duties

7.1. Exercise of the right to use

The customer is required to exercise his right of use only to the extent and within the limits granted. The customer is fully responsible for his login and password. For this purpose it is required to keep them in place and safely. The customer is also responsible for the content of the data and information registered.

The customer is obliged to immediately take all necessary measures for the provision of services by the company. The customer must take such measures in the agreed place, at the agreed time and to the agreed extent. Depending on the circumstances, such measures may consist of the transmission of appropriate information and documents to the company.

By accepting these GTC, the customer confirms that his civil capacity is not limited and that he has reached the age of majority. Through the registration, the customer also expressly confirms that all the declarations he has made correspond to the truth, are current and comply with the rights of third parties, the law and good morals.

7.2. Obligation to cooperate

The customer is obliged to immediately take all necessary measures for the provision of services by the company. The customer must take such measures in the agreed place, at the agreed time and to the agreed extent. Depending on the circumstances, such measures may consist of the transmission of appropriate information and documents to the company.

The customer is also obliged to lend his cooperation quickly and completely. In particular, he must voluntarily transmit to the company the documents inherent to and necessary for the provision of the services. These documents must be drafted in a complete and correct manner. The company starts from the presumption that the documents and information received are correct, complete and in compliance with the legal obligations of collaboration and information. The company is required to examine the correctness and compliance of the information, documents and figures presented by the customer only in cases where this was previously agreed in writing by the parties.

7.3. Other duties

The customer is fully responsible for his login and password. For this purpose it is required to keep them in place and safely. The customer is also responsible for the content of the data and information registered.

The company is authorized to monitor customer behavior in the use of the online platform. The customer specifically authorizes the company to examine at any time that the information recorded on the online platform is compliant with the legal provisions.

8. Withdrawal

8.1. Services

Each party has the right to terminate the contract at any time. The party who withdraws the contract is required to fully repay the other party for the services already performed at the time of withdrawal. In case of untimely cancellation, the customer is obliged to reimburse the costs caused by his withdrawal. At the time of conclusion of the contract, the exact amount is communicated to the customer.

8.2. Products

An exchange of products is in principle excluded.

8.3. Licensing

The company grants the customer the right to use the template set documents for a agreed time. In the period of time between the sending of the order and the exercise of the right of use, the parties still have the right to withdraw from the contract without the costs being borne. A withdrawal after the exercise of the right to use is instead excluded and the amount agreed as a counter-consideration is due in full.

9. Upgrade / Add-on

The customer who does not make use of all the services included in the package is not entitled to reimbursement for unused services.

Since the performances required to complement a set (add-on) have been chosen, it is no longer possible to renounce these. If the service corresponding to the add-on is provided, the customer who does not use it is not entitled to any reimbursement.

10. Reserve of ownership

The company remains the sole owner of the web platform and its contents

11. Warranty

The company undertakes to allow access to the site to its customers and takes appropriate measures to protect the site from third-party interference.

However, the company does not offer any guarantee that the site will operate without interruptions or malfunctions and the services offered. Furthermore, the company does not guarantee that the data sent is free of viruses. The company does not even offer any guarantee regarding the correctness, completeness, reliability and quality from a material and content point of view of the information and documents published or available to the customer. It also offers no guarantees regarding events or acts such as spam, malicious software, spyware, hacking or phishing attacks, etc. that could affect the use of the services, damage the equipment (eg terminals, computers, etc.) of the customer or cause damage to the customer in any other way. The company does not offer any other type of guarantee regarding the correctness, completeness, reliability and quality from a material and content point of view of the information and processes published or made available to the client or the result of the services offered. Any problems or defects must be notified immediately to the company.

12. Responsibility

The liability for any indirect damage or consecutive damage to defect is completely excluded.

The liability for direct damage is limited to the amount paid by the customer for the related service. This limitation of liability does not apply in cases of direct damage caused by intent or gross negligence.

The client is required to immediately report any damage to the company.

Any liability for an auxiliary person is completely excluded.

13. Intangible rights

The company is the sole holder of the rights on the products, services and any brands, respectively it is authorized to make use of them by their holder.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, neither the present GTC nor the respective individual agreements between the parties have as their object the transfer of rights to the intangible property.

Any further use, publication or provision of information, figures, texts or other to which the customer has had access in connection with these provisions is expressly prohibited. Any explicit authorization by the company is reserved.

If the customer uses in the context of his relationship with the company content, texts or figures on which third parties have a right, the customer must make sure that his deeds do not affect the rights of third parties.

14. Data protection

The company is authorized to process and use the data obtained under the contract concluded with the customer for purposes related to the execution of contractual obligations. The company takes the necessary measures for data protection in accordance with applicable legal provisions. The customer confirms his complete agreement that his data is saved and used by the company in accordance with the contract. The customer also confirms that he is aware that, at the request of the courts or authorities, the company is obliged and authorized to transmit information on the client to these or third parties. Unless explicitly prohibited by the customer, the company may also use the data for marketing purposes and pass it on to partners for advertising purposes. The data necessary for the performance of the services can be transmitted to third parties responsible for the performance of the services or to other third parties.

For the rest, the data protection provisions apply.

15. Changes

These GTC can be changed by the company at any time. The new version of the CGC enters into force at the time of its publication on the company’s website.

In principle, the version of the GTC applicable at the time of conclusion of the contract remains valid and applicable in the relationship with the customer. The case in which the customer has accepted a new version of the GTC is reserved.

16. Applicable provisions

These General Terms and Conditions have priority over all provisions and contracts drawn up before the adoption of these General Terms and Conditions. The provisions of individual contracts that specify a provision of these General Terms and Conditions are reserved.

17. Salvation clause

If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions or annexes to these General Terms and Conditions are, respectively, become invalid, the other provisions are not affected and remain valid. The invalid provisions are replaced by the parties with valid provisions which are closer to the economic purpose of the invalid provisions. The same applies to any gaps in the contract.

18. Obligation of confidentiality

Both parties, as well as their respective auxiliary persons, are required to treat confidentially all information that they have come to know in the context of the provision of services. This obligation exists even after the end of the contractual relationship.

19. Force majeure

If the company, its suppliers or third parties to which it has recourse, are prevented from fulfilling their obligations within the agreed time due to an event of force majeure, such as in particular in the case of natural disasters, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, severe weather (such as storms, storms or storms), wars, riots, civil wars, revolutions, insurrections, terrorism, sabotage, strikes, atomic accidents or damage to atomic reactors, the company is freed from the fulfillment of the obligations affected by the event during the entire duration of the event of force majeure and for a subsequent adequate period at the end of this. If the event of force majeure is longer than 30 days, the company may withdraw from the contract. The company must fully transfer the amount already paid to the customer.

Any further claim, as in particular claims for compensation for damages due to force majeure, is explicitly excluded.

20. Applicable law / forum

These GTC are governed by Italian law. Except for different mandatory legal provisions, the judge of the company’s headquarters is competent. The application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (SR is explicitly excluded.