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 A new energy reserve in the ice. Here is the next deal of the century.

Starter-up.com, as a supporter specialises  in the selection of startups with an innovative project,  for the extraction of methane gas from  the permafrost and launching the first fund in the world specialized in mining activities of natural resources in the Arctic North within the next 3 years.

 Our Venture capitalists have made USD 200,000,000  available for financing this project. 

 Here’s what it is:

Methane, a chemical compound, is a colorless and odorless gas. Despite its many uses, it is a rather powerful greenhouse gas. New research published in Nature and conducted by an international team from the University of Bristol (United Kingdom), University of California, Santa Cruz (United States), University of Alberta, Edmonton (Canada) and University of Utrecht (Netherlands) shows that the Antarctic ice sheet could be an important but neglected source of methane.

The researchers estimate that the amount of methane hydrate and free methane gas in the Arctic permafrost is 400 billion tons (i.e 400 Pg of carbon).

This type of hydrated methane is tempting to many because, according to the United States Geological Survey, the energy stored in the “clathrates” is at least twice that of all other conventional energy sources.

The commercial exploitation of the huge reserves of “clathrates”, ie methane gas contained in water ice cages present in the Arctic permafrost, is about to become a reality.

The deposits are mainly found in Siberia, Alaska and Canada. This is why Russia, the United States, Taiwan, Germany and other countries are trying to find the most suitable technology to extract this methane.

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